Comicon meets Rocky Horror

By Evelyn Peregrin

ABERDEEN, NJ — A New Jersey cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show held its comic book themed night at midnight on Sept. 23 at the Bowtie Cinema in Aberdeen, N.J.

The cast and crew of the show spiced up their weekly routine of shadow performing alongside a showing of the film by dressing up as some of the most popular super heroes and super villains in comic books.

“If it’s your first time on a theme night, you’re going to be confused,” said 22-year-old cast member Franny Kieffer in the parking lot of the movie theater. The cast had gathered two hours before the show was planned to start.

Kieffer explained that people seem to find them intimidating but once they come and see it, they realize that the show is just silly fun.

People who have not seen the shadow performance of the movie are considered “virgins” and are marked with red lipstick before the show. They can have seen the movie or the stage production but will still be considered a virgin, according to the director Kat Maglione, 23, who joined the cast when she had just turned 17.

“It’s for a particular crowd,” said first-timer Liz Murray. “The cast was very nice and welcoming.


“We always have a solid regular crowd,” Maglione said. “And a lot of our regulars become cast members.”

Maglione is a teacher by day and director of Rocky Horror by night. The show has been performed at this theater for almost 12 years with a rotating cast of more than 30.

The cast and crew of the “Friday Nite Specials” are one of two groups in New Jersey who perform this show, the other being in Montclair. They pride themselves on the fun, laid-back aspect of the cast and the passion they have for the show.

“You have to have fun with it,” Maglione said. “We’re not professionals. You have to work with everyone’s strengths and have a lot of patience.”


The audience will range from 10 to 100 people, varying on the night, according to Kieffer. Themed nights like the recent comic book themed Friday night draws out more of a crowd as well as switched nights, when the girls plays the boys roles and vice versa.

“It’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen,” said cast member Alison Silverman, dressed in full costume including a blue wig and lab coat.




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