Chasing the dream while keeping the day job

By Evelyn Peregrin

She stood in front of her first audience, overwhelmed with a feeling that would soon be familiar. The Madison Library was hosting an Appreciate the Arts festival and seventh grader Theresa Guido was about to meet the love of her life. Music.

“I will never forget the rush of being in front of a group of people for the first time, doing something I love,” Guido said.

Guido, 32, is from Millington, N.J. and has been the lead singer for Blue Star Cinema for three years. The band consists of three other members: John Falcone, bass player, Mike D’Amato, guitarist and singer, and Stephen Fitzsimons, drummer.

She has incorporated music into every aspect of her life, including singing at her church, for weddings, events, and with her family, she said.

“In order of my preference, I’d sing with my sister, then my band, then if I had to, myself,” Guido said. She is the oldest of seven children and credits her inspiration to her family. She identified her youngest sister as her “musical soulmate”.

Guido describes challenges she has had to overcome as nothing more than “really bad break-ups” while music has always remained her steady companion. After two and a half years as a nursing student in college, Guido experienced a deep sense of indecision. She came from a long line of teachers and felt the need to do something different, and almost missed out on her calling in the process.


“When I made that decision to make that switch, I felt a peace that I’d never felt before,” the singer said. “I feel like I’m doing exactly what I was born to do.”

Whatever life has dished out for Guido she says she has learned a lot from failure. “I’ve always had a solid group of people loving me through it,” Guido said, expressing how important it is to surround yourself with people who will be there through the ugly as well as the good.

“@Theresa_Guido has the most majestic voice in all the lands,” said one fan over Twitter. The positivity of the band and the fans of their music has propelled Guido forward and contributed to the joy she has experienced this year.

Guido teaches fourth grade at Koinonia Academy, a private Catholic school in Plainfield, N.J. She followed one dream that lead her to the classroom, but says that she can’t imagine her life without a combination of both teaching and singing. “I guess I’ll have to settle for being a teacher rock star,” she said.


Find out when Guido and Blue Star Cinema will be performing by liking their page for updates.




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